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Small business investment opportunities

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68)    Develop software like Quick Heal antivirus. This is a good small business idea for those who are software developers and want to have their own business.

BizBuySell - Small Business Community

India is a land of exotic herbs and spices that possess medicinal qualities. Lots of these herbs and spices have beneficial effects when applied on the skin.

100 good small business ideas with low investment

Medical store business opportunity is perfect for those who are a chemist or has years of experience as a pharmacist. In this business  there are so many types of commercial options are available apart from only medicine selling. Every year, the medical industry is growing and growth rate is 68% per annum in India. It is only for increasing demand of medicine and related health care products and supplements. Read More…

Register your interest and take the opportunity to influence the Australian government on the development of new policies and regulations.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers criticized the Trump administration’s attempts to implement its new “America First” trade policy, saying they have been flooded with complaints by confused small business constituents.

75)    Website designer: If you have a skill on how to design a website, you can help people by creating a website of their choice and charge them. The charges would range between $ 655 to $ 555 depending on the content.

With milk- both from cow and buffalo in abundant supply, a small scale manufacturing business to produce cottage butter, paneer and ghee is sure to succeed.

57)    Music: Everyone on the earth loves Music. If you have developed a hobby about music, you can work as good music player at parties, take music lessons at your home, rent a music studio and teach people.

75)    Online market place for Car repairs like . This is a unique business idea for those who want to set-up their own business in vehicle repairs in big way.

With power failures rampant in several parts of India, candles are in great demand. Understandably, there is a huge market for candles of all shapes and sizes.

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