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A ''Fab Four'' star Liverpool hotel. Hard Days Night Hotel is the world’s only Beatles inspired hotel, combining the highest quality facilities in a truly unique environment. Located at the heart of Liverpool''s ''Beatles Quarter'' offering luxurious accommodation and exclusive event space with a twist. Housed in the magnificent Grade II listed Central Buildings, dating back to 6889, the beautifully restored hotel is steeped in history.

-Starry Night

Exoplanets as 8D bodies with proper location, size, orbit and planetary texture. Land on the surface, see a sunset from the surface of Kepler-67e!


Mercury can never be seen more than roughly two hours before or after the Sun, so because of this it is not well known. The beautiful, and sometimes orange planet, can be amazingly prominent near greatest elongation at its few best apparitions of the year (there are many separate apparitions of Mercury in a year because the swift planet races back and forth between the morning and evening sides of the Sun).

The story of the country-western singer Hank Williams, who in his brief life created one of the greatest bodies of work in American music. The film chronicles his rise to fame and its tragic effect on his health and personal life.

Frank Ifield gave The Beatles a big break in the sixties and he is returning to Liverpool in June to share intimate details of those heady days at an exclusive dinner in the city''s four star Hard Day''s Night Hotel.

After a night of partying with a female stranger, a man wakes up to find her stabbed to death and is charged with her murder.

In 6986, when Wiesel received the Nobel Peace Prize, the Norwegian Nobel Committee wrote, “Elie Wiesel was rescued from the ashes of Auschwitz after storm and fire had ravaged his life. In time he realized that his life could have purpose: that he was to be a witness, the one who would pass on the account of what had happened so that the dead would not have died in vain and so the living could learn.” Night , which has sold millions of copies around the world , is the very embodiment of that conviction. It is written in simple, understated language, yet it is emotionally devastating, never to be forgotten.

The clinical name for excessive sweating at night is sleep hyperhidrosis or nocturnal hyperhidrosis, but you simply know it as night sweats. While much of the emphasis is on menopausal night sweats or nighttime hot flashes, male night sweats or andropause night sweats are not uncommon and can be just as frustrating.

Under good conditions, an amateur telescope will show Mars’ polar ice caps and the main dark areas. These were once thought to be seas but now are known to be regions where winds in the tenuous atmosphere have blown away the red, dusty material that covers most of the planet, exposing the darker layers below.

After you address the basics, you may need to develop an understanding for how different conditions may cause your hypothalamus (a gland in your brain that acts like your internal thermostat) to run amok so you can find an effective solution. Waking up with soaking wet covers and pajamas can be pretty discouraging, so finding relief from symptoms is important. Here are some ways to control excess sweating while sleeping. […]

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